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Fantasy Library A5 Campaign Journal

Fantasy Library A5 Campaign Journal

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My handmade Fantasy Library A5 campaign journal has 140 printed pages that are perfect for logging a characters details AND their adventure, whether you are just starting out or wishing to log a long term campaign, this book is a character book and notebook in one.

The cover design features my Fantasy Library collection printed onto my handmade hardback covers. The inside covers are lightened versions of the covers that match the section dividers which are printed on 250gsm recycled white card. There is even a blank scroll on the front for you to personalise your journal. The inside paper is 90gsm FSC approved paper, which can be written on in pen or pencil. The journal is bound with a silver metal wire and can lie flat when opened.

These journals do not contain any TTRPG specific info so they can be used on their own as a supplement to a character sheet or with my matching TTRPG specific skill cards.

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What's Inside

The journal is divided into separate sections for campaign details, character information, equipment, actions/abilities, spells and campaign notes. A pack of divider tabs comes with the journal if you'd like to use them.

The journal is TTRPG neutral and can be used with a multitude of different roleplaying games.

They contain 70 pages just for logging all your characters important information such as statistics, characteristics, backstory, timeline, relationships, abilities, likes and dislikes, spells, inventory, and more.

It also contains pages to log information about your campaign such as game details, quests, npcs, shopping list, and finances, and has 70 pages just for writing up your campaign notes.

Great for Organising

My campaign journals are great for organising all your character info in one place, no more scrap paper notes and scribbled on messy character sheets as these journals provide a load more writing space than a standard printable character sheet.

My journals have a hard cover, can lay flat or fold round depending on your space and choices. They come with sticky divider tabs you can add too!


Our wire bound journals are 158mm x 210mm x 22mm including the wire binding.


Our journals are handmade with love using quality materials, 250gsm recycled card dividers and 90gsm FSC approved paper and are cut to create as little waste as possible. Even the outer hard covers are handmade and the journals are wire bound by us.


Each journal comes with a multitude of awesome pages to write down your character info in, but for extra flavour you can choose one of the following options to give you a different amount of certain pages, which will be useful depending on what kind of character you are playing.


    6 Ability Pages

    13 Spell Book Pages

    6 Spell Notes Pages


    10 Ability Pages

    11 Spell Book Pages

    4 Spell Notes Pages


    14 Ability Pages

    7 Spell Book Pages

    4 Spell Notes Pages


    20 Ability Pages

    3 Spell Book Pages

    2 Spell Notes Pages


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All orders are sent in eco-friendly mailing bags or boxes that can be recycled, reused or added to the compost bin.

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HANDMADE: Our dice bags, tote bags, washi tape and stickers are held in stock and will be posted within 1-2 business days. All notebooks, this includes character books and campaign journals, are made to order and will be dispatched within 1-3 business days after order.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are ordering multiple items from these two categories they will be shipped separately. Also if there is a delay I will inform you immediately.

DISCLAIMER: Due to photos, lights and screens, colours may differ. Also due to size of print, made dice bags, tote bags and book sleeves may not be the exact pattern match as shown.

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