Meet the Maker

Hi I am Lauren, owner, maker and creator behind The Tinkerporium, it's nice to meet you and welcome to my store.

A few little things about me, well I draw, play D&D, I love films, gaming (board games, computer games and rpgs), anime and good fantasy stories. All of these things inspire my different fabric and graphic designs.

I started The Tinkerporium as a Steampunk hat and accessory making shop, back in 2014, but when Covid hit in 2020 I made a few massive changes, which have worked out really well. I had already been drawing more and had started creating surface designs which I had always wanted to try doing so I just carrried on and here I am now drawing and making.

All the best, I hope you find what your looking for.




    At our core we like to make items that help to organise and aid game play; from bags to hold your dice or books, notebooks and character books to help journal your ttrpg journey and stickers and clothing because who doesn't want to wear pretty things and stick stickers to everything?

    To do this we create surface designs and graphic in house and print them on our range of handmade and print filled items. These designs are unique to The Tinkerporium and it's products.


    Well we believe that it is very important to be unique and to express yourself the way you want to. If that's with brightly coloured fantasy inspired stuff then welcome to the club.

    We also just love colour it really helps brighten our day, so our aim is to give you something quirky and individual using our designed fabrics that are not sold anywhere else.



Here at The Tinkerporium the environment and our footprint are very important to us. We are not fans of disposable fashion and so we aim to make our products strong enough to last by choosing longer lasting more durable fabrics, double stitching the hems and reinforcing the straps, making the items last longer.​

We also aim to work with suppliers and wholesalers who are equally eco conscious and source clothing and materials that are created with as little impact as possible or use creative solutions from reusing, reducing and recycling.

We may not always be able to do this but it feels good to try and make a change.


We have joined Noissue's Eco Packaging Alliance to support the use of eco friendly, bio degradable and recyclable packaging to help the environment. For every order with Noissue they will plant a tree on your behalf.

At the Tinkerporium we are doing our best to send out all our orders in eco friendly packaging.

So far all our outer packaging envelopes and boxes are recyclable, we use recycled paper and paper tape and our clear film bags are bio degradable.


* Unique to The Tinkerporium

* Made and finished in Europe

* Printed in the UK

* OEKO-TEX 100 certified polyester canvas - they have been independently tested to ensure they do not contain over 300 harmful substances. The certification covers every stage of production up until the point it reaches our printers.

* Printed using OEKO-TEX Eco Passport certified ink - they have been printed using OEKO-TEX Eco Passport certified ink. This means they have been independently checked to ensure they do not contain chemicals that are harmful to human health.


We choose our clothing print companies and manufacturers very carefully as We like to feel that their ethos is similar to ours. 

We want to be able to give you both a great fitting piece of clothing and a well printed item that will last.

Our clothing is ordered on demand and sent straight to you from our printers, this helps to lower the items carbon footprint as well as making sure there is not an overload of items that may not sell.


If we can we prefer to shop small and support other small businesses. We also like to promote small businesses too. There are some incredibly creative people out there with amazing handmade goodies. 

We support Just a Card, and believe that if you can just buy something small from a local trader, even something that is £1 it adds up when more people do it. When you buy from a real person you are supporting their dreams and making them real, they can then do more and give back more.


We have a wonderful community group over on Facebook called 'The Tinker Shed' where we share the ups and downs of creating, get our community involved in choosing new designs and generally share more than we normally do on social media.

Our community are our super fans, our supporters and cheerleaders but also our moral support and friends so if you would like to join, please click the link below, answer all the group questions (we can't let you in otherwise) and come join our awesome community.

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