Books & Stationery

Take a look at my wide range of campaign journals, character books and other stationery to organise your gameplay. From dotted and lined notebooks to TTRPG neutral campaign journals I am aiming to create books that help hold all the information we gather when playing a TTRPG in one place.


Hold your page with these colourful bookmarks.


My campaign journals are a character book and notebook in one, with a hardback cover and dividers. They are TTRPG neutral and can be used with my skill cards, stickers and dice bags as a lovely way to personalise your campaign based on your character or personality.


Organise all your character stuff in one notebook, with pages for spells, character stats, companion stats and more.


Here are all my lovely staple bound A5 notebooks. With each design collection you can choose between a coloured soft cover or a kraft lined cover or if you like one of each. Plus you can choose either dotted or lined paper essentially creating a notebook personalised to your needs. 

These notebooks are then made to order just for you...


Pretty stickers for decorating your notebooks and character books, or helping organise your sessions notes.


Pretty Tape for note making, sessions notes or bullet journaling.


My wire bound hard back notebooks are handmade with either dotted or lined inner pages. They are nice and thick for loads of campaign notes, general journaling and notes making.